Manicure or Pedicure

Regular manicures keep nails and cuticles tidy and improves their appearance. Singar Beauty uses high quality products to ensure hands and feet look and feel their best. Best of breed nail care products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails.

Pedicure treatment through the professional products reinvents the ordinary pedicure into a toe-tingling, foot-fetishizing beauty service. It’s formulated with natural, botanical ingredients to soothe even the most world-weary soles.

Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure

Any old nail polish on your fingernails will then be removed with a cotton ball and acetone.Then use an Emory board or metal nail file to file and shape the nails. If needed, the nails will be cut straight across with nail clippers.

This focuses mainly on the toes with a quick soak, nail shaping and polish, but does not include the massage or sole care. This is designed for an appointment between regular pedicures for generally well maintained feet.

SPA Manicure

Treat your hands to our therapeutic hand scrub, moisturizing cuticle soak and nail grooming followed by a hand and lower arm massage. This indulgence will be followed with an application of Glaze nail color.

SPA Pedicure

Treat your feet in our therapeutic pedicure chair. Includes foot soak, cuticle and nail grooming, skin smoothing with an exfoliating lotion, a foot and lower leg massage and an application of Glaze nail color.

Spa Manicure with MUD / Paraffin Mask

Includes everthing as above but it more luxury to have a paraffin wax/Mud mask. As it soothes aches, pain, tired muscles, Aids water retention and leave skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished. The best treatment for dry skin.

Spa Pedicure with MUD / Paraffin Mask

Includes every as above but it more luxury to hare a paraffin wax / Mud mask. As it soothes aches, The best treatment for dry skin, dehydrate skin and great treatment lor arthritic.


Beautiful hands, feet and nailsIf you need a ‘quick fix’ then a re varnish is for you. Although the nails are shaped and filed the luxuries of a full manicure are not achieved.

French Polish

After a base coat has been applied by the therapist/nail technician, a natural looking pink, beige or nude polish is applied to each nail. Once dry, a neat white tip will be created on each (where each separates from the nailbed) using an opaque white varnish or, less commonly, a nail crayon.
Sometimes this process is reversed - with the white tip on each nail created before the coloured varnish is applied on top - to create a more understated look. Regardless of the order, once the varnish and tips are dry, a further top coat will be applied to protect the nails and enhance the design’s durability.
French polishes may sound rather simple but they’re an incredibly difficult do-it-yourself choice even one wonky tip, or varnish blob or dent will ruin the entire impact of the ‘high maintenance’ aesthetic.

Other Treatments